Sean Yu and Yi-ting Cheng began 22™ in 2005 with a desire to create items in both metal and concrete. Inspired by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, the duo set out to rethink ways to use such an industrial material like concrete to make everyday items like clocks and pens.

The 4th Dimension Table Clock has a concrete structure where the face spirals around and down like a staircase. The hands create shadows as them move around the tiered down face. The idea behind the clock is to connect time and space – i.e., the fourth dimension.

The Concrete Rollerball Pen is contoured in its shape, which makes for easy gripping. Since concrete changes over time, the jagged edges will smooth out the more you use it.

The heavy Concrete Sketch Pencil is fatter in the middle making it easy to grip when you’re in the throws of sketching.