This is a special report from our super world-traveling friend Susan Serra, CKD from Bornholm Kitchen and author of

Copenhagen Design Week, a collection of design events, talks, and exhibitions all over Copenhagen,was held September 1-6th, with the theme “Think Human.” Think Human is an expression of today, yet an old Danish design philosophy that has its roots in human-friendly solutions to product development. Code 11, an exhibition of (primarily) innovative Scandinavian interior design products states its priorities as: “design of high quality, peculiar ideas and crooked thoughts.” In this case, crooked = AMAZING!

Alexander Feldt from Snickar Akademin

Armchair by Harald Hermanrud from

Backlight by Sofie Osterby from


Unnamed student from

Milla84 by Lars Ejlskov from

From Steenfatt – part of the Sydform competition

Tube chair by Ellinor Ericsson – part of the Sydform competition

Knitted Chair by Miriam Ortwed – part of the Sydform competition

Walking The Chair by Thomas Wahlstedt – part of the Sydform competition

Shoe by Clara Sjodin – winner of the Sydform competition