The Costa Esmeralda House was designed by María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk, formerly of BAK Arquitectos, as a summer home in the Costa Esmeralda area, outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The clients wished for a low-maintenance home with plenty of gathering space, two bedrooms, and a third multifunctional room that could be a guest  or an audio and video room. Separated over two concrete volumes that intersect, the spaces are divided into private and public areas.

These external stairs lead to the public space.

The deck and front entrance are made of concrete and gives sun protection to the space below. The interior is also protected with wood eaves or sunshades that rotate to help with glare and the intense heat of the sun. The wood adds balance to the coldness of the concrete, making the exterior harmonious.

Adjustments had to be made since the home was being built in the dunes. To cope with the direct sunlight during summer and the cold and rain during the winter, they had to maximize the thermal insulation. The patio is also protected by the volume above.

The interior is primarily made up of concrete as well, but the wood and furnishings warm it up a bit.

The acacia trees on the front of the lot help with privacy protection.

The house opens right up with floor-to-ceiling windows, making your feel like you’re completely outdoors.