Colorado-based designer and craftsman David Rasmussen works with with wood, metal, cardboard, eco resin, plastic, cork, and many other materials to create unique modern pieces inspired by nature.

Descriptions below are from the designer.

Curve A Linear Easy Chair and Side Table
The Curve A Linear easy chair is designed for utmost style without sacrificing comfort. The upholstered seat, available in many fabrics, is formed to the shape of the human back to provide support. The figured claro walnut arms and legs compliment the green woolen upholstery and stainless steel details. The design of the chair is inspired by the very best of Danish design.

The Curve A Linear side table was made to accompany the Curve A Linear easy chair, but is at home as an end or bedside table as well. The design incorporates a shallow back on the top to keep objects from falling behind the table. The drawers are faced with designer eco-resin and feature an exquisite hand-machined stainless steel pull.

Artichoke Table
The Artichoke table was designed to represent an organic form that has been split to reveal its core, in this case the cross section of an artichoke. The body of the table is made from shop-molded plywood faced with exceptional zebra wood veneer and coopered to form the elliptical shell. Cocobolo legs are mortised into the shell to make this table heirloom quality. Artist Scott Harris skillfully executed the acrylic painting on the top of the table. The painting has been sanded flat and treated to act as a durable tabletop.

Lego is the brainchild of designers David Rasmussen and Amee Hinkely. Like the polished core revealed when a geode is cracked open, Lego is a geometrically-shaped table that has been split open, in concept, to reveal it’s multicolored core. The top is an acrylic painting that has been sanded and sealed for durability. Lego’s legs are re-used from school chairs.

Overlap Table
The Overlap table is an ode to the inherent beauty of the cherry tree. The top of this table is made from a single slab of cherry. Two squares of bubinga overlap the cherry slab to support the top and give emphasis to the organic shape. A rosewood butterfly key is inlayed into the slab to give structure to a check that formed as the slab was cured.

Dovetail Console
With a nod towards the simplicity found in mid century modern furniture, David designed this console for a home featuring numerous pieces of modern furniture. The dovetail construction bridges the gap between tradition and modernity while the simple design lets the spalted maple and wenge express their natural beauty.

Nautilus Chair
The Nautilus chair was created during an artist residency at Anderson Art Ranch. A Chinese armchair from the Ming Dynasty inspired the form. Unlike this chair’s Chinese counterpart, the stays that form the back of the chair also serve as the arms. The seat is fashioned from hand-shaped beetle-kill lodge pole pine. Both the seat and stays are painted with custom-tinted milk paint. The metal base chair emerges from the voids between the slats to give the design a lighter feel.

Treehouse Stool
The Treehouse stool’s lines reflect those of the forest. The dark claro walnut and ebony details keep the stool understated. Originally designed for a treehouse, the timeless design will work in just about any setting.

Plank Bench
The Plank Bench is a combination of a clean aesthetic and functional design. Handcrafted out of steel and natural wood, these all weather outdoor benches were designed for low maintenance outdoor living. This bench is available in a variety of wood types and colors.