David Taylor is a Stockholm-based designer and craftsman who creates commissions and small editions from lighting to furniture. Some of his most recent custom lighting projects are delicately unique.

The above two pieces were commissioned by a pair of journalists for their desktops. Both lights are roughly 50 cm high, made by brass tubing with a black nylon flock finish on the feet and polished brass stems. The shade is hacked from an IKEA swan-neck while the silver shade is a flea market find in chromed plastic.

They are sure to be the perfect lighting by which to create stories.

The above are some addition pieces created by David, showcasing his creativity.

David told me, “I’m a craftsman at heart so I tend to linger with the work and spend too much time on details that seem to be invisible to he rest of the world.” This is the reason why I write this blog. To share with the world these people — like David — who care so very much about the tiniest details.