Product design firm Studio Klass collaborated with the bathroom fixture company Azzurra Ceramica to design a simple ceramic accessory line that was made solely for the individual. The Italian companies created three pieces for the collection: a table mirror, toothbrush holder, and a jewelry container.

Momento is an angled mirror that rests on the tabletop. The mirror is designed for “private time” and is angled in such a way that you can easily apply makeup or pluck your eyebrows (hey, we all do it). The back features notches that can hold things like your eyeliner pencils.

Pinolo completely redesigns the typical standup toothbrush holder by allowing for horizontal storage. This makes for easy daily cleanup.

Baia holds your rings on the upper part and your watches and bracelets on the bottom part while you’re getting ready.

Photos: © Azzurra Ceramica.