Hey hey hey! Guess who’s gonna be virtually judging the Design Star contestants this week? Yes, that’s right. Me! And I’ll be doing it all show long on Twitter for the Design Star Twitter Party. So join me (@designmilk), HGTV, and our special Twitter party host, Genevieve Gorder on Twitter and chat about the episode from 10-11 PM Eastern Time THIS Sunday, 6/20 while you watch Design Star on HGTV. If you want your tweet in the conversation, use the special DS hashtag #designstar. I also have an HGTV prize pack to give away, which includes an umbrella, mug, beach towel, t-shirt, iPhone cover, and travel coffee mug.

Be sure to visit HGTV’s Design Star online, too for more information about the show and contestants (including their portfolios), or to watch last week’s premiere episode of the show.

Take a sneak peak at next week’s episode: