Carolynn Giordano runs Two Brunettes, a graphic design company based in Syracuse, New York where she designs custom stationery, invitations, and greeting cards. She also manages the company’s Etsy shop and a blog.

6:20 AM: Our gray cat Chaplin is doing his wake up dance around my head, but I fall back asleep for 20 minutes until I hear banging on the kennel door. Our dog Maromi is my personal alarm clock.

6:45 AM: I get up. It’s so sunny out!


7:00 AM: My husband (let’s call him A) gets his clothes and heads into the shower while I go downstairs and start the pot of coffee. 10 cups and 5 scoops, sometimes I loose count.

7:10 AM: I take Maromi (Ro) outside half awake and hoping she makes her bathroom trip quick, so I can get my coffee.

7:15 AM: Chaplin — I swear — became friends with Maromi just so he could convince her of sharing the food. The cat and dog impatiently wait to be fed dog food.


7:30 AM: Coffee is done, I eat breakfast and I open my computer to check my emails.

7:40 AM: I answer my emails and post to Two Brunettes, This is also when I start to package up orders for the day.


7:55 AM: I get a kiss goodbye from A.

8:10 AM: I change into my swimsuit and try to do some sort of workout each morning before I sit all day on the computer. Today is swimming. Ro is like a little kid and loves to come out to the pool and watch me. I like to sometimes put on my way too expensive fins we bought for snorkeling on a trip we took. I feel like I need to do at least a couple laps to get our moneys worth from them. Plus, its fun.

9:00 AM: I head into the shower, and start the process of getting ready. I pick out my outfit and get dressed. The great thing about working from home is that I can wear whatever I want to work.


9:30 AM: I am off to get supplies for packaging materials, odds and ends for some custom wedding invitations I am designing. I order many things online but it’s nice to be able to go to the store and get a couple items. So, I head to Hobby Lobby and to see what treasures I can find.

10 AM: (Getting lost in the many isles).

10:30 AM: Success!!! I found way to many goodies at the store, I have one more stop.


10:45 AM: I head to the design firm where I use to work at to visit some friends who are more like family! I so love these people. We chat about projects and life quickly and I head out.

11:15 AM: I am stopped in traffic for some road construction but have a wonderful view. My stomach is growling and all I can think about is what I am going to have for lunch.


11:30 AM: I’m home and ready to start all my computer work. Need to focus on some projects in the works.

12:00 PM: BREAK already!! “A” always comes home for lunch because he works so close, it’s nice. We sit on the porch and chat about our days so far.

1:00 PM: He heads back to work and I head up to my office. I print out a new line I am working on and hang it up to see what needs to be changed.

2:30 PM: I start working on some blog designs.

3:00 PM: I am soon distracted with thoughts of yogurt, granola and peaches. Head down to the kitchen to make a snack.


3:45 PM: I work until A gets home from work at 4:30pm.

4:45 PM: We take Ro for a ride to grab some stuff for dinner, and decide we want to see a movie or cinematic adventure as we like to call it. A is a big movie buff and has turned me into one too.


5:15 PM: I cook a quick dinner, burgers with brown sugar and Tabasco. A new recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks that I was dying to try!


6:00 PM: We leave to go to the movie.

6:35 PM: We grab coffees and we are off to see The Hurt Locker.

6:50 PM: Movie starts.

9:00 PM: We are out and we head home. Great movie!!


9:20 PM: I get ready for bed and bring my laptop with me. I do some work for a while in bed of course!

11:30 PM: I’m getting tired. I close up the computer and start to fall asleep fast, and I’m ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

Thanks, Carolynn!