MOS My Own Space is a modern home furnishings store located in La Jolla, California. I’ve only peeked into their windows when they were closed, but now I’m glad to have gotten a tour of the shop and know the staff! Special thanks to Jennifer Armour for allowing us to follow her and the staff around.

First up? Staff meeting to discuss new products. From left to right, Maureen Kennedy (lead designer), Ximena Matiz (store manager), and Rik Armour (co-owner).

Next: clean the shop before it opens for the day. Why is she wearing a scarf in San Diego?

Now it’s time to pick out fabrics. I think this one’s a match!

And…of course we Twitter while we work (that’s Jennifer Armour, co-owner)!

We go off to a client’s home to take measurements and discuss specs.

Nice view!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

We straighten up.

We deal with customers. Here, we show off the Flou bed with storage.

We make some sales. Thank you, come again!

This day is winding to a close…good night La Jolla!

Thanks MOS My Own Space!