Angel or Gry stool (2008) was creating using metal bars, is inspired by the annual rings of a tree. The strength of the construction comes from where the steel bars contract, and the lines leading out offer the support for the seat. It is currently in production with Askman Furniture.




Daisy (2007) is a tumbler for kids made of ash that can rock from side to side. It came into existence through a combination of play and exploration of shape and wood. he seat grows into the back in one unbroken shape. Daisy consists of 40 joints, or 20 seat boards made of ash tree plus 20 angular rolls made of maple. The seat boards are very sturdy due to the high modulus of elasticity of ash tree.



Salt’n Pepper is a revolving stool (2008) which takes a critical stand to the existing revolving stools on the market. The conventional revolving stools aren’t visually connected, because seat and legs are separated by a rather thin thread piece. Salt’n Pepper visually connects the seat and legs and leads the pressure from the seat out into the legs.

Gry Holmskov has a BA in architecture and will have a master in design from The royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in Jan. 2010.