Neil Macqueen exhibited his Diviso Stool for UnoFuori Studio at Designersblock 2010 as part of the London Design Festival.

An marriage of manufacturing and aesthetics, the Diviso stool is as much about form as function. Macqueen wanted to create a piece of furniture that not only was easy and cost-effective to manufacture, but it was versatile. The Diviso changes with each user’s perspective. Using negative space, Macqueen was able to achieve the look of complexity but with a simple shape. Depending on which way you look at the stool, and where the light hits it, a seemingly new profile emerges. Moreover, it is lightweight, easy to manufacture using only two processes, and comes flat packed for easy transport.

The Diviso Stool is available in four variations: all natural plywood, stained black plywood, aluminium/plywood, and a limited edition ghost.