Dominic Wilcox has created a new piece called “Do Not Touch Chair” for the exhibition About a Minute at the newly opened The Gopher Hole gallery in London.

The premise of the exhibition was to “consider the fact that thanks to decades of exponential hyperactive consumption, the time that someone  visiting our gallery will spend contemplating your piece is likely to be less than 59 seconds.” So, Dominic Wilcox made a sculpture of a chair from a single 3mm wire. He says “…as a further reference to the gallery context and to play with the idea of holding people’s attention, I added an interactive element. Based on the old ‘buzz wire’ game, the user must navigate around the wire using a metal hoop without touching the wire. If the wire is touched then they will hear my voice warning ‘Do not touch.”’

See a video of it being used here:

The exhibition includes 15 artists, designers, poets and architects and runs till through February 13, 2011.