Don’t Cast Me Away is an explorative project by jewelry designer and goldsmith Galit Barak. It examines society’s quest to preserve the aged body, juxtaposed by its natural decline and extinction. Technically, it explores the classic field of goldsmithing, including its methods and the interactions between the jewelry and the body.

Galit Barak Dont Throw Me Away Jewelry-4

Barak was inspired by everyday degrading architecture, including abandoned and collapsed buildings, scaffoldings, and supporting beams. The jewelry then takes on the same function of this architecture, by supporting, stabilizing, and carrying structures and space within a delicate and minimalistic way.



Galit Barak Dont Throw Me Away Jewelry-5

The structures in the jewelry mimic scaffoldings that carry empty spaces, holding memories of structures without structure.

Galit Barak Dont Throw Me Away Jewelry-2

Galit Barak Dont Throw Me Away Jewelry-1

Photos by Ella Leshman.