The D*Table, by The D*Haus Company, is bound to solve any table and storage solutions you might have. First, it’s 8 tables in 1. Yes, EIGHT. That means you change it up as you need it for most any situation. Second, it has handy features like a hole to sit a plant in, drawers to store stuff, and slots to rest your book in when you’re not reading it.

The 8 configurations

The 8 configurations


The table is composed of four components that are connected via removable hinges so you can use them separately or rearranged to form the shape of table you need.


The concept is based on mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney’s discovery that you could turn a perfect square into a perfect equilateral triangle just by dissecting the square into four unique shapes and rearranging them. Using this formula, the D*Table works just the same way to create the perfect adaptable table.


Available on Kickstarter now, jump on it to get one of your very own. Also, while you’re checking out their Kickstarter page you can see how they’ve designed this concept and are trying to apply it to architecture, too with the D*Dynamic.






Available in the above white, Ice Cream or the Classic version.


D*Table Classic


D*Table Ice Cream