I am unable to attend Dwell on Design this year, but luckily DoD offered to capture some of the homes on the tour exclusively for Design Milk. So this week and next week, you’ll get to see the inside and outside of some of the most designy homes in Los Angeles.

We’re going to start on the Westside of LA in Venice with the Appleton Residence.

Designed by LA-based firm MINARC, the home has been designed around the outdoor living space, maximizing ventilation, natural light and indoor-outdoor Southern California living. For heating and cooling, the architects installed a solar chimney, which allows hot air to escape during summer and heats cold air during winter. In addition, there is solar thermal radiant floor heating and a heated patio. One of my favorite features is the set of magnetic chalkboard sliders for the children. This is definitely a family-friendly home.

Top photo courtesy of MINARC, all other photos by Kumiko Hakushi.

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