Here we are in LA at the Hotel Figueroa, which is a cute mix of Moroccan and Southwestern decor. I have a soft spot for all things Moroccan, ever since I went to Marrakech about 6 years ago.

Chair by Gregg Fleishman

If there was a standout exhibit, I would have to say that it was Gregg Fleishman’s amazing Cube. I had never seen any pieces by Fleishmen before, so this was the first time I had heard of his work. You definitely need to check out his website to see the fantastic and amazing structures he creates.

Sofa by Semigood

Semigood is a design company who calls themselves “not half bad.” That deserves a “Wocka Wocka.”

Environment Furniture
Environment Furniture
Environment Furniture

I really enjoyed the Environment Furniture booth, primarily the fabric on their couch.

Silent Revolution

I fell in love with the white shoulder bag by Silent Revolution. I might need one…or two…

More to come…