A-cero architecture studio has completed another home in Pozuelo de Alarcón in Spain. This home of 1000m2 is a bit smaller than the other buildings in the development. The home features some of A-cero’s signatures such as the angular protrusion on the side, the white-ish marble exterior and dark interiors. As with most other projects from A-cero, they have also designed many of the home’s furnishings. The all-pink little girl’s room was a bit unexpected and I just love the room with the striped wall that continues onto the ceiling.

From the architects:

House plot has a rectangular shape and a surface of 4.500 m2. It has a direct access from a private road located in the north. In the south area is a wide garden which is joined with the urban development green spaces. It is a two storey building (ground floor and basement). Both levels are perfectly adapted to plot slope where the house takes place.

In the main entrance is a hall which communicates with an ample wide lounge and a dining room. Both stays overturn towards the back façade. They have plenty ample windows that are opened for a porch where other lounge and dining room are. In this exterior area is a barbecue and a spectacular bar designed by A-cero besides a exterior swimming pool (with jacuzzi). In this level also is the kitchen, cleaning room and service area (it includes a living room, two bedrooms and two baths) with an independent exterior access.

In the opposite side of this level is located the principal bedroom. It is decorated in white and golden colours and has a large window. This room includes a dressing-room and a huge bathroom.

By an interior stairs you can go down to the basement where three bedrooms are with their bathrooms and a games room. Furthermore, in this level is a gym, a cinema rooms, wine vault, the facilities quarters and the garage.