Phu Hoang Office and Rachely Rotem Studio have completed an amazing installation called the Exhale pavilion for Art Basel Miami Beach 2010.

The Exhale pavilion is a dynamic, interactive environment in which evening programs such as performance art, video and DJ dance programs will occur. The site of the installation is 25,000 square feet and consists of seven miles of hanging ropes that sway with the lovely Miami breeze.

Some of the ropes are phosphorescent so that their reflective surface produces a glow in the evening. When the wind reaches a particular speed, it will momentarily activate all of the adjacent ultraviolet lights, “charging” a field of glowing phosphorescent rope. Other, smaller wind speed sensors mounted at human height respond directly to users’ behavior. When someone blows on a sensor, it momentarily “charges” the nearby glowing ropes, making the entire installation completely interactive.