German firm baumraum, led by architect Andreas Wenning, recently built The Treehouse as a spot for businesses to work on ways to improve the planet’s future. The idea began when Sappi, an international paper maker, and their communication’s agency, Proximity BBDO, banded together with The Flemish Forest and Nature Agency and the city of Hechtel-Eksel to form a partnership that would encourage companies and organizations to become more sustainable during their daily practice. The result is The Treehouse, which is outfitted as a “state-of-the-art eco facilities located in the forests of Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium.”

The design is based on five elements: the two cabins on different levels, the connecting terraces, the staircase, and the joint roof.

The entire structure sits on 19-angled steel stilts that anchor to the ground with foundation screws.

The lower cabin features a coffee lounge, pantry, restroom, and technology room.

They were able to incorporate a C02 neutral system to heat and cool the spaces.

All lights are LED to minimize consumption and in the bathroom, daylight and motion sensors were installed to prevent waste.

Photos by Markus Bollen.