Fougeron Architecture decided to turn this San Francisco’s house on its head by switching the front and rear facades, giving focus to the back. The Flip House, appropriately named, doesn’t stop there – it flips the interior spaces as well.

The back, now cast with a faceted glass wall that goes in and out, becomes the primary facade. The prism-like windows create striking visual interest from the outside, but also for the residents on the inside.

You enter the house from the street level directly into a large foyer that also houses the staircase.

Originally the house had a series of disconnected staircases – now, one staircase located in the back, makes every floor accessible. The stairs are perforated allowing light to pour in through the window wall.

The main floor (the top one) is open and houses the kitchen and living room. The spaces are floor-to-ceiling white, allowing the furnishings to really stand out. This floor also has the two bedrooms that now face the street.

You can also view the den below from the top floor.

The white also doesn’t distract from the views of the city and Bay.

Photos by Joe Fletcher.