Georgian designer Ia Kutateladze designed a series of three lamps that make up the Foldy Lamp Family, along with the String chandelier.

The Foldy Table Lamp is a simple metal lamp with a flexible design so that it can be folded over. Perfect for a bedside lamp or desktop task lighting. It can be made in different colors.

Foldy Floor Lamp comes with easily foldable legs on a wooden base, an element seen through the whole series.

The arms of the Foldy Chandelier can be moved into many different shapes. Four separate metal pendants can be folded and rotated at various angles to highlight specific spaces.

The String chandelier is a playful lighting piece for every kind of environment. White painted metal shades and wooden elements stringed on the cord one after another. The shades are rotatable and the height is adjustable by pulling the cord vertically. The number of shades can be altered on request.