Moriyuki Ochiai Architects dreamt up the Forest of Business Cards as an exhibition centered around the Olympic Games. The exhibit was designed as a space for people from all over the world to gather and meet up and to discover new artwork. 200 different business cards, featuring various artists’ works on the front and their information on the back, were inserted into a wall of Styrofoam ready for visitors to take.


The colorful cards are individually striking and when placed together with the others, they make up a visually intriguing display that you’ll want to take a closer look at. Multiples of cards appear in a row of three, four, or five, and then a new pattern is brought in.


The patterns on the cards appear one way when you’re standing close, but move farther away and the entire exhibit looks different.


As visitors come and remove cards that pique their interest, the exhibit changes over time, just like a Japanese cherry tree.