Jimmyjane‘s third and final release in the Pleasure for the People series if the FORM 4 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator, designed by Yves Behar of fuseproject and Ethan Imboden the founder of Jimmyjane.

FORM 4 offers unparalleled power for its size and flexibility. The simple shape makes it a very approachable vibrator, while the flex allows FORM 4 to move with the contours of the body. Used internally, FORM 4 is firm with just the right amount of give. In other words, it’s very similar to the “real thing”. FORM 4 completes the series by offering a G-Spot stimulator, the oversized motor provides the strongest vibration of a product of its size.

Together with FORM 2 and FORM 3 the three vibrators create quite the pleasure arsenal for your nightstand drawer.