Grace Bonney is the founder and editor of design*sponge, a daily design blog dedicated to all things “home.” After studying art & art history at the College of William & Mary, Grace moved to Brooklyn where she worked in design PR before starting d*s in 2003. She now lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn where she’s finishing the design*sponge book, a collection of homes, DIY projects, and before & after makeovers (Spring 2011, Artisan).

Grace is sharing with us five things she loves about Brooklyn.

1. McClure’s Pickles
Unlike Snooki, I don’t eat pickles on a regular basis (although I do like the garlic flavor). But I do feel tempted to pick up a bottle of McClure’s pickles every time I see them. The striped container and wide mouth make for perfect flower vases.

2. Erie Basin
I’m an Erie Basin addict. There’s not a single thing Russell stocks there that I don’t like. Ok, maybe the hair jewelry. It’s just not my thing. But everything else? Sign me up. My husband just got me a pair of black lava stone/cameo earrings for our anniversary (he knocked it out of the park) and as soon as I saw the box from Erie Basin I knew it was going to be good. If you love vintage jewelry you owe yourself a visit here- it’s my personal mecca for earrings and rings.

3. Bklyn Bride
No matter what your relationship status is, Vane’s site is a total treat for the eyes. Her wedding blog is packed full of cute design and fun entertaining ideas that transcend “the big day.” I’m always checking this out for great local resources and fun ideas for dinner parties.

4. Little Flower School
Nicolette Camille and Sarah from Saipua teach amazing classes in Saipua’s Red Hook shop front every other weekend. I took an amazing herb class there a few months ago and have been saving up for another one ever since. I love both girls’ dedication to unexpected flowers and free-flowing, organic arrangements.

5. DARR and Layla
Ok, this is two listings, but they’re in the same area so I’m squishing them together. Atlantic Avenue has really become a hotbed for great antiques, so I’m always popping by DARR when I’m in the area to look for great old antiques. They have an almost creepy (in a good way) collection of objects, so it’s a great place to find that extra piece to add an unexpected twist to your room. Layla has the most beautiful collection of textiles and jewelry (both are on the pricier end) with an Indian flair. I could cover myself in bedding and necklaces from this shop all day — like a younger, slightly more eclectic version of an Elizabeth Taylor Diamond perfume ad.