Courtesy of The Coveteur

Ryan Korban is the darling of downtown New York City decor. So much so, this self trained interior stylist has collaborated with his fashion counterpart, Alexander Wang. And his celebrity clientele reads like a list of the cool kids: Jessica Stam, James Franco, Vanessa Traina, and Natasha Poly. His approach is romantic, mixing old world ideals with moody undertones. He incorporates the ornate and rich with the brazen, stripping them of expected connotations and reinventing them entirely. The result is fresh, magical, and brooding. What inspires this young master of city chic? This week’s Friday Five reveals it.


1. The Carlyle
This is one of my favorite places in not just New York, but the world. I have had a love affair with hotels my entire life and The Carlyle is my favorite. The deco feeling of the lobby and the old world romance of the space make it such an alluring spot for dinner, drinks, meetings, and any special occasion. In the City, I live only three blocks away so I am there a couple times a week.


2. Taxidermy
One of my favorite things in design is the use of taxidermy, specifically cranes. My African Crane is one of my favorite pieces that I own. One of the challenges I face when designing a space of any kind is to incorporate that wow factor. For me I like to do that on a small scale and taxidermy is the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy. Whether it is an albino peacock in a bedroom or a black panther in an entry, it seems to be the missing touch every time.


3. Flair Home Collection
Whether I am in New York, Milan, or even Florence, Flair is always a stop on my list. It is one of the few stores in the world that basically sums up my aesthetic. I work very closely with Flair in New York and have done countless spaces with the owners. If I ever need anything I know I can find it there. There is never a question of will they have it because they always do. I am a huge believer in the home accessory and Flair has that down pat.


4. L’Olivier Floral Atelier
If I were forced to choose one thing I could not live without it would be, without a doubt, fresh flowers. A week seems dead for me if I do not have fresh roses from L’Olivier. It is very hard to find roses arranged the way they are in Europe, but L’Olivier does it perfectly. A twisted bouquet of white roses placed elegantly in a vase is my biggest pleasure in life. No space is complete without it.


5. Diet Coke
Not my healthiest “can’t live without” but by far my most important. I CANNOT live without Diet Coke. It is the only thing that keeps me going. When I travel it is the only thing that brings me back to life. A cool can of Diet Coke cannot be beat!