Introduced by Move Outdoor Kitchen, this ultra-sophisticated design is a clear adaptation of the Minikitchen designed decades ago by Joe Colombo and re-edited by Boffi.

The Move outdoor kitchen and Minikitchen are both in the form of a large trolley with all the basic kitchen functions: hob unit, mini-refrigerator, drawers, storage compartments, small cutlery drawers, sockets for small electrical appliances, big chopping board and pull-out worktop.

The design allows sophisticated outdoor entertaining thanks to the variety of possible preparations, from starters to deserts and the possibility of having fresh drinks at hand. It is typical of the amazing new options we have for outdoor entertaining.

Giving up the idea of a kitchen as a room
The design is part of a growing trend. One is seeing other initiatives and prototypes appear here and there. All have the same hefty price tag as the Move unit (€12,300). No doubt when they become more widespread we will see prices drop.

And given how new home owners are thinking about their space this should happen sooner rather than later. In many cities, the very active groups are actually questioning if they really need a space called a kitchen. They are happy to give it up in order to gain more living space.

Why is this not a basic design yet? Given the space issue most of us face with property being expensive even now, I cannot see why brands like IKEA do not explore these options yet.