Yes, yes, yes…creative minds have found yet another way to encourage you to invest in your outdoor decor. And resisting will be hard given the cool designs out there in the new and growing outdoor carpet category.

First, I love designs by Chilewich because of the unusual shapes that allow them to be used in discreet colors and still add an edge to your set up. Made from spun vinyl they are durable and highly resistant. They are very neutral and will work well in just about any decor.

If you feel bolder and want a little more graphic design underfoot then their stripey version might be for you.

If you are a much more daring, then the clear winner is a stripey colorful design by Freek. These carpets work well indoors too and are available in a variety of sizes.

Another company is Home Infatuation. Their plastic rugs area available in many colors and patterns:

Christopher Paul’s modern hand-painted mats are super easy to clean. Each mat is made of heavyweight canvas with a protective finish and is lined with a non-slip pad.