When running though the alleys of the Milan Furniture Fair in April, I am not sure we saw one design that still played with the straight, sleek architectural minimalist look. Curves are everywhere from bulgy pots and planters to curvy sofas.

To embrace this new trend, I think it is important to say curviness is not about geometry as much as it is about a sensation, a feeling one gets seeing and using the design. Sociologists and trend analysts might link this to the “hard times” or our wish for more “softness” at home. Those may be reasons, but it is also fair to say that this look has been around too long with too few variations to give it legs.

However, as odd as it may seem the new trend does “pinch” a rule from the old style’s book. Sfondo by super chic Italian brand Paola Lenti shows how curviness can still look contained and pure, just as predecessors did.

Vlek by Vondom is another perfect expression of the new curvy look  about to become mainstream in the pots and planters arena. Curves here work with a level of dynamic lines that balance them out. Designed by Karim Rashid they can be plain or lacquered and with or without built-in lighting.

Finally another illustration that new curves are not just “round shapes”: this bar set called Armillaria designed by Odoardo Fioravanti for PLUST.

So, Milan’s learning is: indulge in curves but stay dynamic!