A lovely white winter may be on the way but in the meantime a colorful one is also a great way to enjoy your outdoor space…whether you actually sit outside or just enjoy its cheerfulness from inside. I love this example by Sabz, a French team of designers who specialize in really cool urban outdoors.

They offer a lovely purple tall table:


To get the colorful stools, you can go to a brand like Fermob who make a huge variety of designs available pretty much all over the world and in the most enormous amount of colors.


To get the same look as the outdoor space pictured above, you can add a few of these tree-like designs, which are actually creative clothes hangers called Alberto. They come in a great variety of colors and are available from Casamania.


So don’t be dull and drab this winter. Keep the colorful, fun spirit of Summer going all year long!

Want more color? You can find more bright outdoor furniture at Concona, Unicahome, and Lebello.