Yesterday, I saw the film Mama Mia with the amazing Meryl Streep. Simple easy fun.

It made me think of outdoor options for film lovers and in particular Borella’s screen. This is a radically new product design. The screen works both as a shade/personal parasol during day time and at night transforms into a film projection screen.

Made in stainless steel with marine fabric, the screen works indoors and out. Amazingly the design is not outrageously expensive. At €2,490 it is priced similar to many high-end single function parasols.

It is true that the market has moved really fast and we are already used to seeing shade structures act as entertainment hubs. It’s not unusual to have parasols with tables and ice buckets as a base or even iPod docks. Borella just took an extra leap forward! This is just a brilliant extension of the outdoor market’s new ambitions.