Last Tuesday in Paris it was the coldest day on record for a month of May in the last 40 years. Suddenly I realize how great summer will (eventually) be and I definitely want to be ready!

Just as BBQs are the sign of summer, so is a splash in the water! The problem is that I — like many — haven’t got much equipment in this area. If you have no fixed outdoor shower or pool, then the new “plug and spray” designs are the option for you. New mobile, super easy to install designs allow you to enjoy a splash even though you have no permanent fixtures. All you need is a hose to plug into these devices or in one case, only a water bottle.

The minimalist portable shower
As an example of these new plug and spray mobile set ups WellWell by TradeWinds is certainly superb. No pipes or dedicated fittings are needed. The design easily connects to your regular garden hose using the supplied quick connector. The jets of the WellWell push the water up to head height, like a lawn sprinkler. A tap that can be operated with bare feet regulates the height of these water jets. WellWell is made in robinia wood and aluminum, and for the eco conscious, it is worth noting that as a side benefit this minimalist design has a small carbon footprint.

The step on platform
Launched in 2007, Viteo’s mobile outdoor headless shower is still the coolest one around. A clear functional design by Danny Venlet, it is ideal for the garden or even a tiny terrace. You step onto a white, round, plate made of non-slip plastic. It is your own weight that launches the mechanics, which produce water jets about 4 meters high. The water comes out of the little holes along the brink of the disk, then falls gently down in the middle.

Again, all you need here is a standard hose. Nothing says you can’t just connect it to you kitchen tap and throw the hose across the window!

Creepy bunny head not included.

Check it out:

The “bottle” shower
If you do not have or want a hose then there is still a solution for you: Saver, designed by Joe Velluto for Coro, is a universal shower diffuser — just attach a water bottle and spray. It is available in blue or green.

Happy splashes!