At last! Retailers are upping their game. Some seem to no longer be just following outdoor designers. They are starting to lead and innovate. What this means is that truly innovative outdoor designs are about to be way more widespread and accessible.

I love this example of a full outdoor kitchen, classically a very high ticket item. Leroy Merlin, a French/European version of Walmart, are offering this modular outdoor kitchen, designed on a budget and with a very new gray cement loft look.

Made of lightweight concrete, the kitchen is made up of three modules: one for cooking, one for storing and the last for cleaning up. You can arrange them as you want to suit your outdoor space. Clever removable racks provide storage during the summer season. Each module can be fitted with a little curtain.

A rack on the side can be used either to hook your towels or as a trellis to grow a plant and give a garden look to the design. The three-unit piece comes in at just over $2500 (2000 euros).

This a design you can replicate quite easily too!