Trees are under attack! They have pretty much escaped the attention of outdoor designers so far.

However this year, the new buzz has been about creating specific designs that “hug” trees and transform them into furniture.

We have seen tree tables and tree pots in many brand portfolios. The latest in line is Sardana by Qui est Paul?. Made to resist extreme heat or cold, the design includes a bench that wraps around a matching oversized tree planter.

You can go wild with this as the brand offers it in no less than 13 colors, all UV resistant. It is up to you to opt either for colors that blend in to the scenery and make the tree the true star or go bold and make a statement with bright yellow, pink, or purple.

The white version is equipped with light and I guess make the whole thing quite stunning in the evening… Well, hopefully as the price tag of $3500 USD is quite sensational too!