Buying designs is great fun and does in fact require quite a lot of hard work and research. When all things are considered, making designs oneself might not seem so outlandish in comparison. On Facebook, designer Kris Lajeskie posted a brilliant example of potentially low cost high-end outdoor art. Here, the custom made design replicates a Matisse painting in mosaic.

If you’ve ever tiled a bathroom, you might agree it is amazingly boring but not that challenging once you get the hang of it. Making a simple outdoor mosaic is probably not much harder so long as you plan ahead and have a pattern. An abstract design is even easier. It possibly requires less perfection, too, as light, natural “dirt”, and leaves would “hide” parts that are less state of the art.

Fans of Basquiat, Rothko, etc. can easily have a go. You could also try out ideas from the ultra cutting edge mosaic maker Bisazza, pictured above and below. They have completely rejuvenated the category working with leading designs. Bisazza mosaics are the “catwalk” version of what’s out there but a little creativity and some very affordable tiles can also work.

If you find you’re not the DIY type and your budget permits, hire a designer to help you find the right mosaic tile company to work with or commission a local artist to create one.