UK-based designer Dominic Wilcox’s latest project, aptly titled “There’s No Place Like Home” GPS shoes go where no man has gone before! To the future.

Imagine a pair of shoes that can navigate you to your final destination. Commissioned by Global Footprint, a Northamptonshire-based visual arts and living heritage programme, Wilcox decided he wanted “to make a pair of shoes that can navigate you to anywhere you wish to travel to. I thought about the Wizard of Oz and how Dorothy could click her shoes together to go home.”

Working with interactive arts and technology expert Becky Stewart and local Northampton shoe maker Stamp Shoes, Wilcox came up with a working prototype that functions so: You upload your destination to the shoes via a piece of custom made mapping software and a USB cable. You activate the GPS (located in the left heel) via a heel click. The data from the GPS wirelessly communicates with the right shoe, which shows the progress made on a row of lights. Your shoes point you to your destination.

Read more about this project on Dominic’s website. If only Dorothy had been wearing these in Oz…