The interiors of this home, located on the North Coast of Egypt, were designed by Rania Loutfi and Mohamed Fares of Alchemy Design Studio. With lots of indoor-outdoor space, the vacation vibe and entertaining lifestyle was played up for a relaxed atmosphere.

From the designers:

Composed of roughly 460-sqm; this funky residence is divided over two floors with 2 master suites, kitchen/living area, a pool house and a large outdoor area. Three major factors influenced the whole design process. First the designers wanted to create a summerhouse, which suited the client’s lifestyle, a young couple that wants to entertain their friends in a dynamic and inviting house during their vacation. The second aspect was solving the volume, when it came to dividing the space it was essential to apply the maximum integration between indoors and outdoors to get the ultimate summerhouse experience. Which brings us to the last point; the selection of materials was made in accordance with the context in which the house exists. All the materials and their treatments were done to complement the seaside ambiance through mixing natural stone, massive wood among other elements.

Entering the house, one can’t miss the double height which creates a vertical continuity that complements the horizontal continuity that links the indoors with the outdoors. In the first floor, is divided into two master suites separated by the double height. The ground floor is one open space, where all the functions are integrated (seating area, kitchen/ dinning space). The massive wood counter is the main element in this area, used as a kitchen/ dinning space it incorporates all the basic functions, while all the rest of the appliances are smartly hidden behind a high gloss wall cupboard. In an interesting contrast of materials, the white gloss cupboard is paired with a double height slate wall using the same material in the floor. The whole area is lightened with an oversized wood and stainless steel chandelier.

Through different floor leveling, the repartition of the space is clearly divided into different areas. The counter faces a wide platform with two seating lounges, allowing complete interaction during dinner parties. Linking the indoors with the outdoors, the platform continues into the garden creating another seating space, separated by a glass wall. The continuity is accentuated with the blue LED lighting in the floor that gives a new dimension of this emphasized linearity and transparency.

The whole garden is revolves around a circular shaped swimming pool, creating a big volume of overflowing water. Since it’s a summerhouse the designers wanted to create a practical space, which would integrate different functions. From one side, the pool house is an experience of its own, the black slate and stainless steel/glass finishing feels like being in a private spa. On the other side, a big shaded court furnished as a cozy living area with plastic sofas right next to the Jacuzzi.

More photos:

Location: Hacienda White, North Coast, Egypt
Interior Designer: Rania Loutfi and Mohamed Fares from Alchemy Design Studio
Size: 460 sqm
Scope of Work: Interior and Landscape Design
Photographer: Hussein Shaaban