After superstorms like Hurricane Sandy, families and businesses, large and small, really suffer for months and sometimes years. You rarely hear about artists and galleries though, but they are hit just as hard, especially the uninsured. Thankfully there are groups like The Artist Relief Project that band together in hopes of raising money for those artists suffering. Their current project, the PRINT, is a print collaboration between 16 artists around the world with 40% of the proceeds being donated.

Money raised from prints purchased will be donated to New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)’s Emergency Relief Fund.

Participating artists include: Adam Batchelor, Terri Brooks, Chris Cosnowski, Eric Cator, Andrew Crane, Brent Hallard, J.T. Kirkland, Richard Kooyman, Holly Miller, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Melanie Parke, Heidi Pollard, Lauren Purje, John Sabraw, Arielle Sandler, Alex Schuchard, Jessica Snow, Pamela Staker, Michael Voss, and Douglas Witmer.