We don’t do traditional gift guides here on Design Milk because everyone does them; we like to be different. A few years back, we did staff wishlists and once again we thought it would be fun to continue this new tradition and ask each current contributor what was on their wishlist this holiday season. So, for the next two weeks we’re featuring staff wishlists — see them all here. Here are some items on Nanette’s wishlist: 

1. Bridges are beautiful for a reason, and now you can capture a hint of it in your shelves! (we loved these so much we blogged about them too!)

2. A truly unique vase.

3. Loving the dip-dye of this clean, minimalist watch, and it’s super affordable!

4. These stools bring a smile to my face whenever I see them.

5. This ring is like a crown for your finger.

6. Geometric nails are perfect for making a modern jewelry display.

7. I love adding a touch of whimsy to everyday life like with this cloud-shaped cutting board.