In-Between is the first edited project from the collaboration of Parisian cabinet-maker Christophe Chauvet and London based designer Florian Dussopt.

The design centers upon the specific craftsmanship and technical know-how of Atelier Chauvet, which results in the unique hand-made fabrication of the table. This can be illustrated by the fluid shapes of the legs.

In contrast to the smooth curves of the table, a black, matte board appears in between the table and the floor. A gap of 8cm occurs where the view expects the board to touch the legs. The board is strongly held by a brass rod right in the center. This detail gives viewers who are standing closely around the table a sense that the matte board is floating. This also brings in a feeling of lightness to it. Furthermore, the black matte paint absorbs the light, which subtly enhances the illusion.

Photos, text, and design by Florian Dussopt and Atelier Chauvet.