“Infinite Hope” by Quinn Gregory is a sculpture primarily of wood, foam and crystals. Through research, he learned that Jesus was supposedly 5’3″ tall, so he make a 5’3” skeleton out of copper tubing. and then built from there. He then coated the sculpture with metallic paint so that it resembled metal. After 4 1/2 months it was complete and ready for the 250,000 Swarovski crystals that took him about 10 months to apply. The idea for this sculpture came forth because Quinn suffers from debilitating health problems — the sculpture is a reflection of his struggle and faith.

In an effort to deal with the fear of dying-all of my art centers around the extremes of Life and Death – light versus darkness. My art boldly reflects the extreme emotional journey my medical condition has taken me on. Through my art I have been able to help cope with some of Life’s extreme difficulties. Through my artistic freedom of expression, I have been able to literally take a disheartening medical condition and view it as a mixed Blessing. I never would have explored my artistic side but for my heart disease. It has also caused me to focus on what really ‘matters’ in my Life. My artistic goal is to have my art be a lasting and tangible expression of my soul.