The Infinity Bath by designer Aleksander Mukomelov takes spa bathrooms to a whole new level. Not only does it resemble a tulip, but it is sleek and modern, while also being perfect for a relaxing candle-lit bubble bath.

It is designed with a remote control system and a mini-computer mounted on the side panel through which can easily adjust the water temperature, feed rate, modes of hydro-massage jets, select music, choose oil or perfume for aromatherapy. Remote connected to the Internet and intelligent home system, through which you can pre-enable the desired mode.

According to the designer, this bathtub is equipped with a mini-computer control system of innovation to this never used in the bathrooms – the system consists of a removable cartridge with the various components (components may vary from pine oils to sea salt, or perfume), cartridges may be purchased in specialty stores with products for bath.

The future is now, people. Get this into production!