Pedersen + Lennard is a Cape Town, South Africa-based company that produces wood furniture and their latest collection is called Ingvar.

The Ingvar Range takes inspiration from the great success of IKEA and its founder Ingvar Kamprad. Besides being sensible from a cost perspective, flat-pack furniture also makes a lot of sense environmentally. By sending our tables, chairs and benches flat they can save up to 80% of the packaging materials while also drastically reducing shipping costs.

The furniture arrives in a flat cardboard box with instructions and the necessary bolts, as well as an Allen key for assembly. The parts come together in one configuration and only take a few minutes to assemble. The aesthetic is clean, honest and features the details and joints. The range is made using Scandinavian birch and finished with a durable epoxy varnish, but it is also available in bamboo.

Pedersen + Lennard explain that “the flat-pack challenge brings a lot of opportunity to our design process and forces us to think in new ways.”

Photos by Santjie Viljoen.

Thanks, Chris!