Insomnie Design is the story of a fortunate encounter between the insomniac designer, Florent Lasbleiz and outstanding craftsmen in the Loire Valley (France). It’s a story about passion and desire, in the spirit of developing objects and crafty design for everyday life.

And similar to the brand, each object has it’s own story:

Emma is a table mat (trivet) and rattle: “When my second daughter was born, I designed a playful table mat since I felt so cheerful. It has got type O+ blood, like my daughter… It hides a secret… If you shake it, it rattles. But shhhh, don’t tell anyone…”

Caminette is a table mat (trivet) and paperweight: “Camille, my eldest daughter, sets the table. For years, we used old TV magazines as table mats. But one day Camille asked me to design one table mat for the meat and one for the pasta. That’s how Caminette was born… The form is inspired by jellyfish (I used to spend hours contemplating them during my studies at the West coast in France).”

Janick is a table mat (trivet) and bowl: “I spent my childhood between my father’s workshop and our kitchen watching my mother cooking. I don’t know why, but she always kept losing her rings since she took them off to make dinner. This is how I got the idea to make a table mat carrying her name, as an ode to our joyful meals. Once you turn it over, it becomes a tidy… so that all women wearing jewelery never spend time searching for them.”

Paul is a simple table mat (trivet): “…efficient with cutting edges, like my father.”

Angélique is a circular piece of earthenware, black or white: “I made it for my little sister. You can serve cocktail biscuits in it like she does.”