Untitled (WP no. 4), Acrylic on wall, ca. 3×6 m, Entrance 09, Rogaland Art Center, Stavanger 2009

The work of Jørund Aase Falkenberg seems to me to consistently be asking questions. You know how some art tells you things? Well, his work asks you things. It asks you to think about the construction, the materials, and to interact. This particular series, Untitled (WP) looks like there were paintings on these walls at one time and one begins to wonder what is the art? The painting that is no longer there, or the paint that remains.

Untitled (WP no. 3), Acrylic on wall, ca. 5×5 m, Reconfigure, The Drawing Room, London 2008

Untitled (WP no. 2), Acrylic on wall, ca. 3×6 m, Master exhibition, Stenersenmuseet, Oslo 2008

Untitled (WP no. 1), Acrylic on wall and floor, ca. 3×6 m, What Is This, Gallery 21:25, Oslo 2003