In this celestial collection of jewelry, the wearer explores the nature of transformation and disintegration through dust. Dust, by Ágústa Sveinsdóttir, is part of the Spiritualism, Craft and Waste series of projects by graduating students of Iceland Academy of the Art’s Product Design Department.


The Dust collection is a reflection on material worth, and a contemplation on how to break traditions. The designers wondered if its possible to create new objects from materials that are considered nothing more than useless dirt.



And so, Dust was born. Rather than viewed as annoyance, dust is given value and transformed into a jewel coating, making it something to be treasured.

From the designer:

With time dust withers away, revealing a manmade structure, a sort of skeleton within, giving the bearer a chance to savor every moment of its life span. It is a celebration of the fragile beauty that time and use impart to materials.