Jules & Jeremy are an art and design duo — Jules Ponsioen and Jeremy Nagel — who like to work with simple shapes with a strong belief in “less is more.” The duo has been friends since childhood, surrounded with creative friends and family since a very young age. After working in furniture making, motorcycle restoration and graphic design, they decided to team up to create their very own furniture design studio.

Jules and Jeremy ignore the trends and instead aim “to find a balanced combination of simplicity and functionality.” Through the use of structure and contrast, they create artistic yet simple pieces that feel timeless.

My personal favorites are the wood pieces with the white painted exteriors, where you can see hints of the wood tones on the underside.

Design Cupboard 001
The design cupboard is is made of four units, but can be customized. The cupboard is made of  MDF finished with lacquer along with a small aluminum strip in the bottom. The inside can also be customized with additional colors and veneer. All of the Jules & Jeremy pieces are available in a variety of finishes.

Turno Coffee Table
This coffee table is made of two layers of teak with glass on top, so you can store things in the middle, or leave it as is for a light, airy feeling. It is also available in rosewood.

Layers Coffee Table
This lounge-style coffee table is made of teak, but is also available in rosewood. Between the two sleek layers of wood is a cubby in the middle for your magazines, books and remote controls.

Alaska Coffee Table
According to the designers, the idea behind the Alaska design series came from simple jackets with an interesting silk lining, just visible to the eye. The combination between the matte lacquered outside and the high gloss spray painted veneer, the table becomes very interesting and still subtle.

Alaska Side Table