You might remember the April Tables that we featured before as part of Nikari’s yearlong 2012 Designs for Nature project where they work with 12 designers to create a new design in wood that follows Nikari’s philosophy on sustainable wood design. The idea is to make high quality products from the local forests’ wood and to bring awareness, all while donating part of the sale’s price to protecting forests around the world.

Well, they recently launched this month’s project, June Chandelier, and it’s a good one. Designed by Finnish designer Mikko Paakkanen, the fixture employs LED technology and is made from oak that is treated with a natural wood oil mixture.

The shape of the piece is reminiscent of a traditional chandelier but completely modernized with the use of wood and LED technology.

More from the designer:

“2012 DESIGNS FOR NATURE project made me think about the importance of our forests and the global climate change problematics. Not everyone has the opportunity to turn on the light when it gets dark. I wanted to create a solution with materials and technology representing minimal usage of natural resources. The product should also be easy to maintain and timeless. JUNE chandelier is a new version of one of the earliest forms of lighting.”