Israeli designer Lital Mendel has a knack for sculptural jewelry, especially pieces made from paper. Her recent project called Just One More… explores repetitive patterns, material determination, and the ability to know when to stop (or when to keep going).

She says, “It is hard to pin point the exact moment when instead of controlling the material, it begins to have a will of its own and to influence the design process. Repetitive patterns have always fascinated me. The methodical recurrence of a single element, as a building block for a bigger structure, has a powerful effect which grows the more the unit is used. The creation of this collection always involves dealing with the conflict between the material and its ‘will’ and my intentions the designer.

Each piece is made of hundreds of units, and at first the units have no influence on the design but as she began to add units, they started to determine the shape and design of the jewelry instead of vice versa.