K+C Sitting in a Tree is a new product line by designers, Katy and Corinne. The company was built upon a 14 year friendship and started out as simple note book doodles. This new product line consisting of notecards, postcards, posters, and rubber stamps illustrates the innocent and childlike simplicities of our youth.


What is the story behind your brand k+c sitting in a tree?
We wanted to create a line that reminded us of our childhood. Whimsical with a sense of innocence. Finding joy in the everyday things in life. K+C is more about the transition from childhood to young adulthood and trying to keep a hold of that innocence.


What inspired you to create this product lines? Any themes?
The theme for K+C is whimsy and innocence. We have a strong connection with childhood imagery which would stay meaningful in a young adult’s life. For example, children always have an affinity towards animals. They love to take on the personalities of animals and also to imagine animals with human-like personalities.


In the midst of creating the K+C line, they also wanted to create something a little edgy and graphic at the same time. This new line, NG Inc. Always Up to No Good, would focus more on the vocal expressions of young adults. They decided to create a new line with a very different aesthetic.

What is the story behind your other brand ng inc. always up to no good?
The NG Inc. line is more about the transition from a teenager to an adult. This line is about finding your voice and being able to express yourself. Its bolder and more graphic in more ways than one. There is a lot of humor in this line as well. The NG line asks people to not take themselves so seriously and tries to challenge the boundaries and test the limits. It’s a reaction to having to deal with the realities of becoming an adult and the responsibilities and expectations that it entails.


What’s it like working with a partner?
Working with a partner can be challenging and also can be very rewarding. Having a partner is a great way to advance ideas and to bring your product and skills to the next level. Having a partner will also test your communication and sometimes even your patience. The thing to remember is to always have an open means of communication and to keep in mind that you both have the same goal in mind: to see your company succeed!

If you could give someone advice to start their own line..what would it be?
It would be to have confidence in your idea. Your idea is personal to you but don’t be discouraged if others don’t understand it. Make it unique and make it yours. Also, don’t be discouraged by the hard work, sacrifices, and time that need to be spent. In the end, it will be all worth it.

Are you guys cooking up anything new?
We have, what seems to be, a never ending list of new ideas that we can’t wait to try. Expect to see some new exciting products around beginning in the new year! We will also be attending the Renegade Craft Fair in SF this holiday. Come by and say hi!