Well, you don’t need huge ears to fly in this Dumbo! You just need a name like Sergio Mannino and a forward thinking collective of architects, interior, and product designers to make you soar. This DUMBO I speak of has no connection to the movie, but is actually an acronym for the Brooklyn neighborhood, “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, which is home to Sergio Mannino Studios. The fresh and playful aesthetic of the Studio is is larger-than-life in their latest project Kensiegirl Footwear in New York City. This project exemplifies their ability to create places and objects that delight, enlighten, and inspire. They have utilized the latest digital technologies to create custom wallpapers with incredibly bold and lively designs, decals that dance around on the walls, and laser cut furniture which creates layers of movement throughout the space.





Don’t you just love the digital prints on these custom wallpapers?! You too can create your own custom wallpaper at Astek Inc.


The use of hot pink and lime green on the countertops and tabletops is so fresh and fun. You can find these bold colors, amongst many others, in Karim Rashid’s new line for Compac Marmol and Quartz.


The black and white graphic pattern on the reception desk brings so much energy into the space. Who would’ve thought by turning the standard fluorescent fixture hot pink you could create so much delight! It’s the details like this along with the digitally fabricated lampshades that turn this showroom into the “modern mental gymnasium” that is going to keep the “Kensiegirl” coming back for shoe after shoe!